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I used to be able to download an e book via overdrive media software. Now it appears that I must read it from my computer by means of the

I used to be able to download an e book via overdrive media software. Now it appears that I must read it from my computer by means of the nightmare software, so and so Digital Editions. I removed that software and returned the e reader that I bought for a refund. Now your inscrutable software will not let me access the Overdrive Media program to read via my PC. What kind of a genius reworked the library system to eliminate something that worked flawlessly to something that requires more than average computer software skills? You digital book system is cumbersome and obtuse in searching for the books in the first place and actually getting the book into a readable situation is a nightmare. I am furious at your ineptness in this instance. My taxes have been wasted on inept library administrators and overreaching programers.
Additionally, after waiting for the title requested, I will now go to the end of the line again waiting because I am not able to complete the download.
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I'm sorry to hear you were having difficulty in accessing your eBook. The ECat now allows patrons to read directly from their browser, eliminating the need for additional software, such as Adobe Digital Editions. Next time you go to check out a book in the ECat, you will see the options "Download (Select one format)" or "Read in browser." By selecting "Read in Browser," you will be able to begin reading your book with one click. 

For a more detailed overview click the following link

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